Location: 134 Dundas St E, Toronto


Rating: 90/100 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gyukatsu recently opened to the public and is currently doing  “soft opening” hours (5pm - 10pm). They serve breaded beef cutlets in different cuts including ribeye, chuck flap, tongue, tenderloin, and of course everyone’s favourite WAGYU.

Still, riding my high from my Japan vacation Back in November, I couldn’t help myself but jump at any chance to eat more Japanese food. 

The hype is real and I recommend arriving a bit before 5pm to ensure you get a table so you don’t have to wait in the long lines.


wagyu katsu

I, of course, ordered the Wagyu($40) no surprise there. The texture is very tender, fatty and buttery. The katsu crust was crunchy but didn’t take away from the experience of enjoying the wagyu. I had to stop myself from wolfing it all down and pace myself. I recommend taking bites of the shredded cabbage in between bites of the wagyu steak to make the wagyu steak last longer. 

The Wagyu set comes with five sauces with the option of additional curry sauce for $1 more and I had to have them all.


onsen egg

The lightly poached egg was cool and added a nice creme texture to the wagyu.


Radish citrus sauce

Radish citrus sauce, it added brightness to the otherwise rich tasting steak.


Curry sauce

Curry sauce, very tasty but overpowers the steak. I used the remaining sauce and poured it over my rice with my leftover onsen egg.


Dashi soy sauce, Worcester sauce, salt and pepper dipping condiments

Dashi soy sauce and Worcester sauce were my least favourite sauces. They taste like how you would expect. My favourite dipping condiment goes to salt and pepper, it does not overpower the taste wagyu and lets the wagyu sing and melt in your mouth!

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  • Yum! Do a vegetarian one next!

    • Charlie

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