Konjiki Ramen

Location: 41 Elm St, Toronto

Rating: 88/100 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Konjiki Ramen shares a space with Akimitsu, a tempura restaurant in a Toronto Heritage detached house which they repurposed as two storey restaurant. I always like going into older buildings to see how the current tenant makes use of the space.  

When I entered the building I was greeted by a cheerful hostess. She asked me if I was I was here for Konjiki (ramen), Akimitsu (tempura) or both. I chose Konjiki as ramen was my main purpose for my visit. *Spoilers!* I’ll definitely be back and sit in a section where I can have both options. 


I ordered:

Intense Shoryu Ramen ($14)

Intense shoryu ramen

The broth was very interesting, it tasted of deep soy sauce flavour, mushroom (porcini mushroom), while being light and non-oily like other ramen I’ve tried. Noodles were good, nothing mind-blowing about them and the same can be said about the pork slices.


Karaage with wasabi mayo ($5)

Crispy skin, juicy and moist inside 👌. Wasabi mayo was a nice touch as well.


Pork belly and soft boiled egg ($7)

The picture speaks for itself. Perfect custardy egg, deliciously tender and slightly chewy fatty pork belly.

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